The Way We Eat

Well, it’s been more than a month since those New Year’s resolutions.  How’s it been going?  If you’re like most people, not so well.  My own life has been hectic with our move from the big city to a rural community.  Bernadette and the kids are making a longer commute and I’m left alone most days to plan dinner and this new phase of my life. We are happy though.

One thing that I bet we have in common is figuring out an eating plan.  Notice I didn’t say “diet”?  The longer I’m in this game, the more I hate the word.  I prefer to talk about “a healthy way of eating.”  We’re not going to be successful until we substitute routines and healthy habits for quick, faddish fixes.

Part of this search for a healthy way of eating involves a desire for freedom.  Freedom to wear the clothes we want, freedom gained from more energy, freedom from high blood pressure, freedom from high blood glucose levels (leading to Type 2 diabetes),freedom from cravings, freedom to be sexually attractive, etc.

The health benefits of eating right combined with this annoying tug of vanity that I can’t seem to shake, have gotten me back to a regimen of fasting.  The video below is long but worth watching.  The punchline is that you don’t have to do any of the ridiculous fasts that involve epic deprivation.

Have you fasted before?  What kind?  Did it involve enemas or cabbage?  The method I use is closely related to the one described in the video.  It’s called “Eat Stop Eat.” I have used it off and on with success for body composition over the last few years.  As I get older, I think I am going to make it more of a staple in my routine because that aging well “thing” is tugging at me almost as much as my vanity.

BTW, if you are interested in fasting my way, go to Eat Stop Eat. That’s my affiliate link and I get a couple of dollars to buy myself some sexy yoga shorts.  If you buy through that link and want some help getting started, let me know and I’ll give you a free implementation session over the phone or Skype.  Summer will be here sooner than you know it!

Looking for a weight loss program?

One of the first things I recommend to someone looking to improve their health or to lose fat, is that they learn how to cook. Being able to cook means that you are taking responsibility and taking control of your health.

Learn how to cook, have the right supplies on hand, and eliminate sugar, wheat and seed oils and you’ll see your health energy, and sex appeal shoot through the roof. Chef Todd Mohr’s videos are educational and entertaining. It will make you want to run to the kitchen!

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Do you have a favorite healthy recipe?

Some Thoughts On Seduction And Romance

It’s Time To Stop The One Night Stands

I’m talking about the kind of fevered, sweaty, frantic experience that many of us have with food. The times when you’re blind to anything beyond your momentary satisfaction.

I figured this might be a good one to talk about with the holidays coming up. It’s also top of mind for me because I had a cupcake a couple of days ago – actually, two cupcakes. They were small and I ate them faster than I should have. There, I said it and I’m over feeling guilty. So, anyway…

The food’s in front of you. What’s your next move? One option is to just give in to your lust until you’ve had you’re fill. The thing that attracted you is just a memory as you move on to the next hot thing.

There is another way…

Slow It Down
…it involves seduction and romance. Some will be naturals at the seduction part. Most will need to evolve for romance. But that’s another post.

You’re a little nervous because this kind of relationship hasn’t worked out before. It started out ok. You thought you knew what you were doing but before too long you fell into a familiar trance. The initial excitement turned into a ritual dance where you found yourself going through the motions. The thrill was gone but you stayed with it because it was comfortable and expected.

The seduction begins when you focus on the event – the meal – and not the clock. Slow it down! Those of us who live in urban areas have a distorted perception of time anyway. Tell yourself you’re going to linger and not rush it. You’re not trying to finish right away. Think of a hot stone massage.

Eye contact. Look at what’s in front of you. Appreciate its beauty. If the presentation is a little plain, you can still find something that brings you in.
When you’re involved in seduction, how much awareness do you have of scent, fragrance? Spend more time here and you’ll be in the top 5%.

Sometimes there’s too much spice. You like a little subtlety, don’t you? It’s a surprise that arrives after a little delay.

When you’ve taken your first bite, don’t think about the next one until you’ve paused and purposely slowed it down to take in the flavors, smells, textures, and feelings it brings you.

What emotions come up for you when you slow things down? Do you really need to rush things? Are you afraid to take your time? I’ve got a lot more to say but I might have already scared you off.

Try it this holiday season. Rekindle the romance. You deserve a better relationship. BTW, don’t be surprised when hard-to-describe feelings start surfacing for your butcher and the local farmer.

We’re friends, right? Comment and share your own strategies for making your relationship with food more of a romance.

Who loves ya, baby?

P.S. – A more detailed way of getting back on track is to do this program. Thanks to the who used the link to get a jump-start on the New Year.

Food and Drugs- Bone Broth

A Happy Story
I have always been intrigued by the mystery of bone broth, stock, and mirepoix. So over the weekend, I made some.

The end.

Did you like my story? Ok, then I’ll tell you another one.

Once upon a time there was a person who was an awful lot like you. That person made bone broth and lived happily ever after. The end.

What if there was a magic potion that could provide you with your most important minerals, take away your joint pain, strengthen your hair, nails, and immune system, and get rid of your cellulite (yeah, that’s right – a lot of women read this blog) – would you take it?

The Process
I did my interweb research and saw all kinds of different recommendations on how to make bone broth. I just decided to jump in and use some common sense.

The first thing I needed for bone broth was some bones. I went to my favorite greenmarket and picked up some beef bones from Sunfed Beef. They have grassfed and grain-finished beef that are raised humanely and without growth hormone and antibiotics.  You should buy approximately 2lbs. of bones for each 4 quarts of water (you can also use chicken bones, fish bones, etc.).  On my next batch, I’ll find some hooves, knuckle bones and parts like that so that I can produce more gelatin. Once this mission was accomplished, it was back home for the rest of the process:

  • Place the bones in a crockpot or stockpot and cover with cool water;  some people brown the bones first but I didn’t bother;
  • Separate and mash the cloves of a whole bulb of garlic and place in the water;
  • Use a tablespoon or more (to taste) of Sea Salt – use real Celtic Sea Salt for the added minerals;
  • Stir in one or two tablespoons of vinegar into the water;  the vinegar is used to bring out the minerals from the bones;
  • Simmer on low for anywhere from 12-72 hours (these recommendations were all over the place on the ‘Net so I opted for 36 hours);
  • When you add things like carrots and onions you are making a mirepoix – and that’s another post.

When refrigerated, broth will keep for about five days.  When frozen,  it will keep for weeks.  Once refrigerated and cooled, fat will form at the top.  This can be skimmed off.


  • drink a cup of broth every day
  • use for gravy
  • add vegetables and other ingredients for a soup
  • use for a stew
  • added flavor when cooking rice or vegetables
  • a baste for meat

I’ll be drinking my first cup of broth tomorrow.  We’ve already used some of the broth in a braise for a chuck roast with rice and vegetables.

The Moral
A lot of people spend a lot of money on supplements and prescription medicine when what they should be doing is taking the time to make and drink some bone broth. With bone broth, you are respecting the animal by making sure that very little goes to waste.  Making broth, or stock,  is a part of a lot of food cultures but is a lost art in American cooking.

I’ve got guy friends who claim they can cook. With the exception of the legendary fly fishing guide, Ian Cameron (and a couple of Italian guys), what they actually do is grill. If you can’t make stock, you can’t cook. I am comfortable saying that now.

What are your experiences with bone broth or stock?

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