Natural Self Coaching

Is This You?

You have an exercise program and you’re frustrated by the results.

You hate going into your closet because you’ll see all those outfits you can no longer fit into.

You just want to feel better.

People have told you that you’re overweight but you just want to live fully with the body you have.

You’ve tried a bunch of diets and they’ve left you hungry and frustrated.

Your friends have almost convinced you to do a cleanse.

You’ve secretly looked into the cost of surgery.


There’s Another Way

It’s not your fault if you’re confused and frustrated.  Information (even when you’re getting the right information) and willpower aren’t enough. What if you knew that there was a way to be happy that:

  • didn’t require you to deprive yourself?
  • didn’t require hours of exercise every week?
  • would get you results in a matter of weeks?

Well there is a way. Our Natural Self coaching program will help you get to that place of joy that is your birthright.  We can provide you with the jump start and structure you need to achieve effortless, rapid, and permanent weight loss.  Or we can show you how to work with the body you have to better, feel better, and love who you are now.

Move into your power!

Whether you’ve just made the decision to lose weight, whether you want to live with the body you have, whether you have a plan for fitness and wellness that seems to be working but is becoming difficult to stick with, whether you’ve had some success but there’s a nagging feeling that you could easily slide back, or whether you did well and then lost control, we can help.

We Can Help

Not only are we fitness professionals who work with dozens of women every day to get them the results they seek but we are trained in Reiki, NLP, and meditation.  It’s the mental side of the game that is often the culprit in body image issues. When you combine this with popular culture and media messages, it’s hard to fight the battle on your own.


Get in touch with us today by sending me an email at and we’ll start you off with a FREE 30-minute coaching call to help you get clear on your goals.

P.S. Want to make peace with your body? Don’t put it off – send the email now.

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