How Are You Different From Other Gyms?
We are a “fitness studio.”  You could call us the “Anti-Gym.”

When most of us think of gyms, we think of the Big Box operations that have shiny chrome machines, ellipticals, and a bunch of classes.  These gyms strive to enroll 10x as many members as their facility could possibly accommodate.  They count on being able to signing up a lot people to long-term contracts without those people actually showing up for workouts.  Classes, steam rooms, and juice bars make people think they are getting value.  If you want personal attention from a trainer in these places, you will pay extra (a lot extra).

We don’t do “classes.” Before you even start training, we have you fill out a wellness questionnaire. We then put you through an assessment to determine any restrictions and to plan the best course of action based on your goals. We have individual or small group sessions.  There is personal attention and accountability.  We help you to set goals and we help you to meet them.  You will become part of a caring, tight-knit community.

We have two pieces of “cardio” equipment and the rest is old school tools. But it’s not about the exercise tools or the latest exercise fad.  We’ll share the  principles, concepts, and mindset development that will help you make fitness and wellness a part of your lifestyle.

Who Do You Work With?
Ninety-five percent of our clients are women.  This is intentional.  We believe that women need a safe place to train.  You shouldn’t have to feel self-conscious about your body, your outfit, or your level of fitness.  We want you to be the best YOU that you can be.  It’s hard to do that when other social stuff is flying around.

For even more details, read our Manifesto.

Do You Have A Training Philosophy?
We want you to live up to your birthright of being an efficient animal.  You are not a Frankenstein collection of body parts that need to get pumped.  We help you regain the movement and skills that humans were meant to have – the ability to push, pull, squat, lunge, rotate, throw, and run.  We help you to do these with power and grace.

Any idiot can leave you in a pool of vomit and sweat.  We want our sessions to be the best part of your day.  You will leave energized. We want you to train safely. Put in the time and you will have not only a beautiful body and be able to fit into those clothes that you were hiding in the closet but you will have less pain, you will move better, you will have more confidence, and you will be more relaxed.

What Makes You Qualified To Do This?
In addition to receiving certifications from AFAA, ACE, USA Weightlifting, USA Boxing, USA Track and Field, HKC, and master level designations in Reiki and NLP, we are busy parents and business people.  We know what it means to have a lot of obligations and little free time.  We’re not a bunch of young muscleheads in tight shirts, counting your reps as we kill time before Happy Hour.

We know how to get you rapid results that will show up in more than just an improved physique.

What Is A Typical Session Like?
Each session is 45 minutes. We begin each session with a dynamic warmup.  The warmup wakes up dormant muscles, improves range of motion, and makes sure the body is ready to move.

Next is a series of core movements.  The core muscles are more than the proverbial “six pack.”  They are the source of physical strength and stability.  You shouldn’t “shoot a cannon out of a canoe.”

We move on to strength movements.  Depending on your goals and how often you train, these may be structured around raw strength development or there may be a combined focus that is accomplished with circuit training.

We end with either a short metabolic finisher to get your metabolism up or a cooldown that will help to relieve any residual tension built up over the course of the session.

You Mean You Don’t Do Any Stretching?
When you do the movements the way we prescribe, you will become more flexible at the same time you are getting stronger and losing fat. We will do specific flexibility on request for private clients.  Besides, that’s what yoga class is for.

Do You Offer Anything Besides The Exercise Sessions?
We offer nutrition counseling and personal development coaching for an extra cost.

We also hold self defense workshops – after all, you should want as much “go” as “show.”
It Sounds Great But I Don’t Live In New York!
We can provide coaching via Skype and email.

Why Are Your Prices So Reasonable?
We have a larger mission.  We think everyone should have access to good information and coaching on fitness and health.  Poor health is reaching epidemic proportions in this country.  We believe it is a national emergency.

We also believe that by directing our services to women, we are preparing ambassadors of health who will not only have a positive effect on their families but on the wider world – that is what women do.  That is why we co-founded a girls school in India for poor girls and why we provide personal safety workshops for women. From safety and security all the way through self-actualization.


  1. Moe on October 26, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    Can I come for the 915 class. I bought a coupon several wks ago.

  2. hans on October 26, 2012 at 10:59 pm


    Thank you for purchasing the coupon. Before we can have you attend a session, you’ll need to fill out the PARQ on the site and schedule a time for an assessment. For additional information, check out the tab for “Daily Deal.”

    All the best,

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