This is what we believe. Our best clients believe these things as well.

We’re not a gym! We’re coaches who believe “training is for your lifetime!” At Brownstone Fitness, there are no fancy cardio machines and no judgments! We don’t believe you should starve yourself or in fad diets. We meet you where you are and show you how to get where you want to be. Training doesn’t end once you fit into your favorite pair of pants or wedding dress. We believe in training hard from adolescence to the senior years. Every training session will push you to work to your full potential – because we are professionals and simply, that is what you pay us to do.

The first thing you have to win is the “inner game.” The voice inside your head that says “you can’t do it,” you’ll never get in shape,” “I hate the way I look,” needs to be defeated. Self concept is a main focus for us. We will show you how to create a vision of yourself as a healthy, dynamic, powerful person. For the inner game, you will:

  • Develop and meet powerful goals
  • Manage stress and emotions
  • Create mental toughness
  • Develop confidence
  • Perform under pressure
  • Maximize motivation
  • Have fun

Enjoy how all these things contribute to better relationships in your personal and professional life.

We believe that form follows function. The body is not a Frankenstein collection of body parts and should not be trained as such. With influences from: Frank Forencich, Mike Boyle, Paul Chek, Dan John, Scott Sonnon, Ross Enamait, Martha Peterson, and Jozef Drabik our strength and mobility exercises can be performed almost anywhere and for a lifetime.

Our foundational movements are based on efficiently moving the body through space. With the body as a tool, you can become balanced, stronger, more agile, more powerful, more mobile and pain free. When we build the body for “go”, the “show” part will take care of itself.

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